Image of Luna, the Discord cat bot.


Take in your own fluffy, meowing Discord companion!

How can I please you, meowster? :3

Invite LUNA
Invite LUNA to your cozy Discord home as your very own feline bot.
Join her Discord
Come join the #codingf00d server, where LUNA roams and we share updates about her adventures. The server is also a purrfect spot for tech foodies to hang out and have a good time together!
If you're a fan of this cute kitty, please consider treating her creator to a coffee! ☕
The extra love and energy will help her continue to grow and improve! 🐾

List of paw-some commands:

/cat-gif Serves you with a random cat GIF. Main dish for now.
/cat-fact Gives a purrfectly random cat fact just for you.
/coffee Serves you a purrfectly brewed cup of coffee.
/kick Kicks a selected member. (Administrator ONLY command!)
/prune Lets you delete messages (pinned messages excluded), only up to 99 at a time & newer than two weeks! (Administrator ONLY command!)
/pat Pats a selected member with a heart.
/ping Pounces with joy and serves you a paw-some Pong!
/menu View LUNA's list of commands.
/info Purrrr-sonally delivers details about the user or server.
/credits See the wonderful people who make LUNA purr and keep her paws moving forward!